Achieve POWER - Opening 1st October 2018

Achieve Power is our new strength and conditioning gym, which will be located at the old Addlestone Leisure Centre (School Lane, Addlestone, KT15 1TD)

Our new gym is different to other gyms as it offers specialist training and equipment for customers who are looking to improve their performance 


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Achieve POWER is currently being re-developed and decorated and is scheduled to open on 1st October 2018  

Achieve POWER is located where Addlestone Leisure Centre was (next to Jubilee High School). The address is Achieve POWER, School Lane, Addlestone KT15 1TD 


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Opening Hours will be:-

Monday to Friday: 6.00am - 9.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 4pm

Bank Holidays: 8am - 4pm


Achieve POWER is a strength and conditioning gym which offers the ability to take part in sports specific sessions and specialised training and coaching

No matter where you are in your fitness journey you will have the opportunity to progress and challenge yourself by learning new skills and developing on your current fitness levels

The gym floor will offer a variety of equipment ranging from Olympic Lifting, Functional Training and Boxing 

A Cafe / Juice Bar will be open and customers will be able to purchase their nutritional shakes as well as the opportunity to relax and enjoy a drink or snack with friends

Male & female changing facilities are available and will provide showers, toilets and lockers


At Achieve POWER we will have the following kit available:-

  • Olympic Lifting Bars & Platforms
  • Wall Mounted Rig
  • Sledge Track
  • Functional Flooring (with markings)
  • Punch Bags (in a dedicated Boxing Zone)
  • Olympic Standard Lifting Plates (up to 25kg)
  • Free Weights (up to 40kg)
  • Technogym Treadmills / Cross Trainers / Cross Overs / Bikes

We are offering 3 levels of membership

  • Level 1 - Challenge
  • Level 2 - Competitor
  • Level 3 - Elite

All memberships provide access to POWER / zONE & Egham

Challenge - £45.90 / £35 (Concession)

This memberships includes unlimited gym use and Interval / Strength / Condition & Stretch group exercise classes (up to 25 participants)


Competitor - £59 / £46 (Concession)

Includes unlimited gym use and all CHALLENGE classes plus advanced group classes which include Power / Core & Box (max 15 participants)


Elite - £67 / £59 (Concession)

Unlimited gym use and Includes both CHALLENGE & COMPETITOR classes plus specialist sessions of Kick / Lift / Compete / Holistic / Restore (with up to 8 participants) 


If you would like any further information about our membership options then you can contact membership@achievelifestyle.co.uk or call 01784 437695 option 3 or you can join online

We will be offering No Joining Fee (Saving of £20) up until we open on 1st October 

If you would like any further information about our membership options then you can contact membership@achievelifestyle.co.uk or call 01784 437695 option 3 or you can join online

Pay as You Go is available at POWER 

You would require an induction and this would be £32 / £30 (Concession)

Once an induction has been completed then it would be £12 a session and this would enable you to attend the Challenge classes (Interval / Strength / Conditioning / Stretch)

Pay as You Go users would not be able to attend Competitor & Elite sessions (you would need to purchase the required membership)

If you are serious about your training and looking to attend regularly then it would be more beneficial to purchase a membership

Sessions will be classed into different headings and depending on the type of membership will mean that certain classes are only accessible to specific memberships

The details of what classes are running on what days and times are in the process of being finalised so watch this space for more details!

zONE members will need to upgrade their membership to the required level if they wish to use POWER

Once they have upgraded then they will have use of the facilities and classes at zONE, POWER and Egham

Egham members will be able to use POWER (if on the Select or above membership) but this would be at the level 1 - Challenge membership and they would need to complete an induction at POWER before being able to use the facilities

If a Select member wished to join on the Level 2 - Competitor or Level 3 - Elite membership then they would need to upgrade

Any Egham members who are on a membership below the £45.90 / £35 (Concession) rate would need to upgrade to be able to access POWER


Yes. All pre-exisiting and new customers will be required to complete an induction before using the gym

Due to the specialist nature of the equipment and services provided we need to ensure that all our customers have been provided with the necessary information and training

We will be offering Personal Training at POWER and further details can be found here

Achieve POWER offers free parking and the car park is located at the rear of the gym 

 No, Achieve POWER is suitable for all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes and no one should be put off from attending POWER to achieve their goals


Definitely! We believe that females shouldn’t train any differently to males and Achieve POWER is a gym which is suitable for all people who are looking to develop their training

Of course!. Our team of trainers at POWER can offer advice on nutrition and food plans and we believe that regular training combined with healthy eating habits is the key to success and an optimum lifestyle.

Due to Achieve POWER being a strength and conditioning gym and it consisting of various pieces of kit which need training and assistance on we wouldn't be able to offer a free trial or day pass

You are welcome to come along at anytime and have a look at the facilities and speak with one of our team about your needs and requirements 

Yes, memberships can be purchased online, Join online today


If you have any queries regarding membership or would be interested in Corporate Membership then you can call on 01784 437695 option 3

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Last updated 8th September 2018