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Achieve Power is our new strength and conditioning gym, which is located at the old Addlestone Leisure Centre.

Offering specialist training and equipment for members who are looking to improve their performance, Achieve Power is a development from your usual gym format and is ideal for those looking to take their training to the next level. 

Our coaches are experts in their field and are qualified to train a variety of ages and fitness levels, both as a group and individually. Whether you prefer personal training or group exercise, there is an option for you at Achieve Power.  


How to find us:

Achieve POWER is located between Jubilee High School & St Pauls Primary School (was previously Addlestone Leisure Centre)

School Lane



KT15 1TB


Telephone: 01932 858 966



Opening Times

Mon - Fri 07.00-12.00, 16.00-21.00    
Sat - Sun 10.00-15.00


Membership Prices


Click HERE to view our membership options at Achieve POWER if you are new to Achieve Lifestyle.

By becoming a member at Achieve POWER, you are also able to use our two other gyms. 


If you are already a member at Achieve Lifestyle you can upgrade your membership very simply. As a current member at Achieve zONE, you can upgrade to the Challenge membership at POWER for just £6 a month, or if you have a full membership at Egham Leisure Centre then you can become a Challenge member at POWER once you have completed your initial two workshops. Scroll down to our full FAQs for more information on upgrading.


Why upgrade?

  • Take your fitness to the next level - challenge your body further and see the results!
  • Expert strength & conditioning coaches   
  • Personalised programmes
  • Small group classes which allow the coaches to give attention to every member
  • Workshops in functional fitness and strength & conditioning
  • Specialist equipment including Olympic lifting platforms
  • Track your progress with regular 121s and body stat measurements


Achieve Power Testimonial

Class Descriptions


Achieve Power Testimonial




Barbells: A tough but effective ladies-only class using Barbells and Kettlebells, with bursts of cardio for a full-body workout.

Intro to powerlifting: A beginners introduction to a strength sport based class that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Strength: A variety of strength based circuits designed to utilise weight lifting and functional equipment.

Olympic Lifting Level 1: Learn the fundementals of weightlifting whilst increasing lean muscle mass and reducing your body fat percentage.

HIIT: A high intensity interval training class using a combination of body weight exercises and functional equipment. 

Boxing: A high energy non-contact boxing fitness class, incorporating boxing techniques and circuits.  

Mobility: A class dedicated to improving your range of movement by targeting mobility in your shoulders, lower back and hips. 

Battle: A team workout suitable for all levels - battle to complete your workout in the fastest time against your opposite team.

Core: A class designed to strengthen your core and improve balance.




Conditioning: These classes use a range of functional equipment to elevate and develop fitness levels.

Boxing Conditioning: A conditioning workout designed to prepare you for boxing classes.

Olympic Lifting Level 2: Learn the fundementals of weightlifting - a progression from level 1.




Powerlifting: A strength based class that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Boxing Skills: A skills-based class designed to improve your speed, agility, focus and stamina.




Power Challenge: Once a week our members take part in a circuit designed by our coaches. This challenge will test your fitness levels so that week after week you can see your progression and record your results in your gym log diary.




Our Junior classes include Strength & Conditioning, Mobilty and Boxing. There is also an introductory Junior workshop. With a maximum of 8 participants in each class, our trainers can offer support to all of our Junior lifters and cater to all abilities. Our Junior classes are ideal for preparing young athletes for different sports or help to improve their performance in their current sports. Our trainers aim to improve the young atheletes' agility, strength, speed, power, balance and coordination - all of which are vital skills to develop at this crucial age. We help our Junior members to become more confident in lifting weights by educating them on how to lift with correct form. We also offer Junior Boxing classes which help the young athletes to increase their self-confidence as well as their aerobic fitness levels. 

Our Trainers

Our personal trainers provide high quality instruction to all of our members and group exercise participants. Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced weight-lifter looking to improve your technique, our expert trainers will be able to assist you in achieving your potential. All of our trainers are Level 3 Personal Trainer qualified, with additional specialist areas such as Strength and Conditioning, Boxing and Functional Training.


Our trainers are available for 121 coaching and can provide personal programmes based on your health and fitness goals. If you prefer exercising in a group, you can book onto our class options once you have completed your initial workshop. 


Want to find out more? Click HERE to meet our trainers and see some of their educational videos on our Youtube channel.

Or, follow our coaches on Instagram for daily tips and motivation: @achieve_power



Achieve Power Testimonial


Our workshops are compulsory for every new member and consist of a Functional Training workshop and a Strength & Power workshop. We also offer two Junior workshops which are compulsory for all new Junior members.


Functional workshop 1 involves small group coaching which will provide a basic level of education on how to use the equipment safely as well as how to perform the basic movements with correct technique. 

Strength & Power workshop 2 involves full coaching through a series of basic lifts. This will provide the foundations so that you are confident and safe to participate in our strength and conditioning classes. If you are already an experienced lifter our trainers will coach you on how to improve your basic lifts such as a Deadlift or a Back Squat. Our trainers will provide you with tips and guidance so that you are ready to start your fitness journey here at POWER. 


After completion of our two workshops, you are able to book onto any classes that your membership entitles you to take part in. You will also receive a 'Log It Or Lose It' diary to track your body composition scan results as well as the progress you make with your lifting. This is included within the workshop fee. 


Why Strength Training and Functional Fitness?


Achieve Power


Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone. In addition to performing cardiovascular based exercise, it is hugely important to include strength training in your exercise programme, no matter your age, gender or ability level. Strength training involves using resistance to cause muscles to contract - this resistance could be weights such as barbells or dumbbells, or even your own bodyweight. This helps to build muscle strength and size, as well as improving bone density, tendon and ligament strength and joint function. By improving your muscular strength, daily activites become easier and therefore your quality of life is also improved. 


Functional training is also a great way to challenge your body further. By performing less conventional training, you are pushing your body to achieve its potential by improving its efficiency in new movement patterns. Functional training is a great addition to your training if you play sport as it helps to improve your agility, speed and coordination. Functional fitness also simulates common movements that you might do at home or work, improving the way in which your muscles work together. 




Achieve Power Gym Addelstone Benefits

Achieve POWER is located where Addlestone Leisure Centre was (next to Jubilee High School). The address is Achieve POWER, School Lane, Addlestone KT15 1TD 


POWER Map jpeg


Achieve POWER is a strength and conditioning gym which offers the ability to take part in sports specific sessions and specialised training and coaching

No matter where you are in your fitness journey you will have the opportunity to progress and challenge yourself by learning new skills and developing on your current fitness levels

The gym floor will offer a variety of equipment ranging from Olympic Lifting, Functional Training and Boxing 

A Cafe / Juice Bar will be opening later in the year and customers will be able to purchase their nutritional shakes as well as the opportunity to relax and enjoy a drink or snack with friends

Male & female changing facilities are available and will provide showers, toilets and lockers


At Achieve POWER we will have the following kit available:-

  • Olympic Lifting Bars & Platforms
  • Wall Mounted Rig
  • Sledge Track
  • Functional Flooring (with markings)
  • Punch Bags (in a dedicated Boxing Zone)
  • Olympic Standard Lifting Plates (up to 25kg)
  • Free Weights (up to 40kg)
  • Technogym Treadmills / Cross Trainers / Cross Overs / Bikes

We will be offering No Joining Fee (Saving of £20) for October


For all current gym members you can come along 1st - 8th October and try POWER for FREE - you would just need to complete a Functional Workshop before being able to use the gym


If you would like any further information about our membership options then you can contact or call 01784 437695 option 3 or you can join online

Pay as You Go is available at POWER 

You would require an induction and this would be £32 / £30 (Concession)

Once an induction has been completed then it would be £12 a session and this would enable you to attend the Challenge classes (Interval / Strength / Conditioning / Stretch)

Pay as You Go users would not be able to attend Competitor & Elite sessions (you would need to purchase the required membership)

If you are serious about your training and looking to attend regularly then it would be more beneficial to purchase a membership

If you already a member of Achieve Lifestyle and are paying at least £45.90 / £35.00 (concession) per month then Achieve POWER is included in your membership & you would just need to book into the 2 Stage Functional Workshop (£20) before being able to use.

We are offering 3 levels of membership

  • Level 1 - Challenge
  • Level 2 - Competitor
  • Level 3 - Elite

All memberships provide access to POWER / zONE & Egham

Challenge - £45.90 / £35 (Concession)

This memberships includes unlimited gym use and Interval / Strength / Condition & Stretch group exercise classes (up to 25 participants)


Competitor - £59 / £46 (Concession)

Includes unlimited gym use and all CHALLENGE classes plus advanced group classes which include Power / Core & Box (max 15 participants)


Elite - £67 / £59 (Concession)

Unlimited gym use and Includes both CHALLENGE & COMPETITOR classes plus specialist sessions of Kick / Lift / Compete / Holistic / Restore (with up to 8 participants) 


For current members who are not on the £45.90 / £35.00 (concession) membership then you can upgrade your membership and you would just to pay the difference and the £20 for the 2 Stage Workshops, then this would provide you with full access to Egham, zONE & POWER


If you would like any further information about our membership options then you can contact or call 01784 437695 option 3 or you can join online

zONE members will need to upgrade their membership to the required level if they wish to use POWER

Once they have upgraded then they will have use of the facilities and classes at zONE, POWER and Egham

Egham members will be able to use POWER (if on the Select or above membership) but this would be at the level 1 - Challenge membership and they would need to complete the 2 Stage Workshops (£20) at POWER before being able to use the facilities

If a Select member wished to join on the Level 2 - Competitor or Level 3 - Elite membership then they would need to upgrade

Any Egham members who are on a membership below the £45.90 / £35 (Concession) rate would need to upgrade to be able to access POWER

From 1st - 8th October any current Egham members can come and try POWER for FREE


Juniors aged between 12-15 years old can use POWER

Monthly Cost: £35.00pm for Juniors


Access times

Usage Times

Term Times



Sat & Sun




Sat & Sun


School Holidays including Bank Holidays

Mon – Fri

9am– 6pm

Sat & Sun

9am to 4pm

Mon – Fri

9am– 6pm

Sat & Sun

9am to 4pm


£30.00 first session then

£10.00 per session


We have barbells and plates specifically for juniors so they are able to use the weights & we also have junior boxing gloves.

There will always be an instructor on hand on the gym floor during the junior hours as well.

The only weights that juniors can not use are the dumbbells and barbells. 


Yes. All pre-exisiting and new customers will be required to complete an induction before using the gym

Due to the specialist nature of the equipment and services provided we need to ensure that all our customers have been provided with the necessary information and training

The induction is set up as a 2 Stage Workshop and is £20.

The first workshop focuses on Functional and the second is Strength - once both stages are completed then you are able to use the gym

We will be offering Personal Training at POWER and further details can be found here

Achieve POWER offers free parking and the car park is located at the rear of the gym 

 No, Achieve POWER is suitable for all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes and no one should be put off from attending POWER to achieve their goals


Definitely! We believe that females shouldn’t train any differently to males and Achieve POWER is a gym which is suitable for all people who are looking to develop their training

Of course!. Our team of trainers at POWER can offer advice on nutrition and food plans and we believe that regular training combined with healthy eating habits is the key to success and an optimum lifestyle.

Due to Achieve POWER being a strength and conditioning gym and it consisting of various pieces of kit which need training and assistance on we wouldn't be able to offer a free trial or day pass

You are welcome to come along at anytime and have a look at the facilities and speak with one of our team about your needs and requirements 


For the Opening Week (1st-8th October) we are allowing any Achieve Lifestyle members to try POWER for FREE 

Yes, memberships can be purchased online, Join online today


If you have any queries regarding membership or would be interested in Corporate Membership then you can call on 01784 437695 option 3

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