Adult swimming lessons at Egham Orbit


It’s never too late to learn to swim as an adult, or to improve your technique. Our Adult swimming lessons are suitable for anyone aged 16 and over and of any swimming ability - from a complete beginner, to someone who would like to improve their swimming techinque.


Classes are offered for non-swimmers and beginners in our teaching pool and for more advanced swimmers in the main pool. Our team of swim teachers will be able to reassure you and are trained to deal with any anxieties that you may have about the water. The teacher can also come into the water with you to give you support. You can make progress at you own pace, with gentle encouragement and guidance from the teacher.

Stage Descriptions

Small Pool: (30 minute lessons)

Adult Non-Swimmers: For pupils new to water or nervous beginners, these lessons are designed to introduce you to basic stroke and movement through the water.

Adult Beginners: For pupils who are able to swim at least 10 metres on their front and back. These lessons will help refine stroke technique and allow you to become more fluent in the water.

Main Pool: (30 minute sessions)

Adult Confident: Happy and comfortable in the water, for pupils who can swim 25 metres on their front and back. Would like to refine your strokes and improve your technique.

Adult Improvers: For pupils who are able to swim at least 50 metres on front and back and 25 metres breaststroke. By concentrating on stroke technique, you will become more efficient through the water


Main Pool: (60 minute sessions)

Adult Advanced: For pupils who are able to swim at least 100 metres on front and back and 50 metres breaststroke. Our focus is primarily on stroke-correction and refinement (rhythm and timing). Aquatic skills will also be taught including tumble turns and shallow dives.

Adult Swim Fit: For competent swimmers wishing to improve technique in all four strokes. The emphasis is on stroke efficiency and speed, plus distance swimming and challenge times.


Adult swimming lessons at Egham Orbit
Adult Swimming Lesson Timetable


9.30am  Beginners

10.00am - Non-Swimmer

10.30am - Ladies Only Non-Swimmer

11.00am - Ladies Only Beginners



7.30pm - Non-Swimmer

7.30pm - Beginner

7.30pm - Confident

8.00pm - Non-Swimmer

8.00pm - Beginner

8.00pm - Advanced



9.30am - Confident 

10.00am - Beginners

10.30am - Non-Swimmer

11.00am - Advanced


Pricing and How To Book

Adult swimming lessons run continuously for 46 weeks per year, so you can join the classes at any time of the year. Lessons start at £35.00 per month for 30 minute classes and £43.80 per month for 60 minute classes. Payment is made by direct debit for 12 months.

  • 1 class per week for 46 weeks of the year
  • Swipe card for fast access at reception (please remember to bring your card to every lesson).


For class availability and enquires call 01784 333111 or enquire at Reception. Direct Debit form must be completed at Reception before a lesson commences. You will need your bank account number, bank address and sort-code. 

Adult swimming lessons at Egham Orbit


For our Junior swimming lesson information click HERE. For any further Adult swimming lesson enquiries please email