Our instructor-led Small Group Classes take place at Egham and Achieve zONE and focus on individual's specific goals. The format differs from the Group Exercise Classes - they're shorter and class sizes are smaller.


Members - classes are FREE. Advance booking is recommended.  


Non members - are welcome too. Classes are chargeable and a gym induction is required prior to booking.



Fast Classes

Using the frame and functional training kit in the gym, join in for a total body workout. Click HERE for more information.

Egham & zONE

Get Active Circuits

Easy-to-follow fun circuit. Suitable for GP referral clients as well as those returning to exercise. Cardiovascular, functional exercises and stretching.

Egham & zONE



Spin & Abs

30 minute session and then into the group training area for a 15 minute abs workout. Now you can get a guaranteed core workout and intense spinning session in one!




30 minutes of pure abs workout in the small group area.

Egham & zONE


Spin Circuits

Get all the adrenaline of a usual spinning class but in a 25 minute blast followed by a 20 minute total body circuit in our NEW group training area.

Egham & zONE



Stretch & Flex

A low impact stretch class suitable and beneficial for all. Stretching can be the key to keeping injuries at bay. Ideal for post workout to relax and cool down. Suitable for Get Active clients.



Stability Ball Workout

Balance and core play a big part in this class. Learn how to use the stability ball for every muscle group and start making it a part of your weekly routine.



Ladies Only Weights

A class ideal for ladies wanting to learn how to build lean muscle to burn fat and give you curves in the right places. 



TRX & Kettlebells

A combination of two pieces of equipment used in a functional way for a total body workout. 

Egham & zONE





Want to learn more techniques in a smaller class environment? Using pads, a punch bag and body weight exercises for a great workout.