Membership Options:

Swim Only - Unlimited swimming at Egham Orbit

Just Gym - Unlimited gym access 9am-4pm (choose from Mon-Fri or Mon-Sun)

Premium - Unlimited gym access, classes (including Aqua) and lane swimming, plus access to all clubs.

Premium Plus - Unlimited gym access, classes (including Aqua), lane swimming and the use of our exclusive Otium Spa, plus access to all clubs.


Rates also available: Corporate, Joint, Family & Concession.


For more information on our facilities at Egham Orbit click HERE.

Individual Adult - Unlimited gym access & classes at both of our Addlestone sites: Achieve zOne and Achieve POWER 

Just Gym - Unlimited gym access 9am-4pm at either gym (choose Mon-Fri or Mon-Sun)


Rates also available: Corporate, Joint & Concession.


Please Note: Our Premium and Premium Plus memberships at Egham Orbit also include use of zONE and POWER. 



Exclusive Member Benefits:

  • Two FREE sessions with a dedicated instructor when you join. Your instructor will help you establish your goals, set targets, ensure you can use the equipment effectively and support you on your health & fitness journey. You are also able to book free instructor session at a later date if you require re-programming.
  • 6 Tanita Body Composition Analysis sessions per year to help track your progress.
  • Our minimum contract is only 3 months, rather than 12 months (but we hope that you'll enjoy your time with us so much that you will stay with us much longer!)
  • Join our online community to receive updates, offers and qualified health & fitness advice.
  • Book classes on-the-go with the Achieve Lifestyle App! Download it for FREE on iTunes or Google Play
  • We even reward our most committed members with VIP status!


Working Together to Achieve Our Best Lifestyle!


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