Peter Paul Parker


Classes taught: Kookhak Ki Gong 


Qualifications: Brain Mangement Training certificate from Body and Brain Yoga, Tai Chi and soon to be a Ki Gong master in March 2019.


When/how did you become interested in fitness?

At a very early age I had trials for Chelsea. I also became a Black belt in Ta Kwon Do in my early twenties.


How would you best describe your class experience and coaching style?

Friendly, inclusive and encouraging. The class experience is very good. Most participants feel a deep sense of relaxation after the class and that they have moved their body.


What do you love most about your job?

I love helping people reach their potential and seeing their improvements as they attend classes regularly. It is great to see people's health and well-being improving, and to be a part of that process, is a real honour.



Special Achievements:

In 2006, I was part of the UK Ki Gong team that went to Korea to compete in the 4th Kookhak Ki Gong competition. The UK team won the International part of the competition. 



"Great class. I don't like to miss a week. New way of exercising for all parts of the body and mind. Very supportive instructor." - Shirley

"Excellent class. Well taught, suitable for all ages and abilities. I make sure every week that I don't miss this class." - Eileen