My Journey to the Finals, by Marta Chlanova


I started my prep at the beginning of April 2018 with the aim to enter 2 bodybuilding competitions at the end of August. It was my debut in Ladies Physique class this year. The goal of the whole preparation for a bodybuilding competition is to lose as much fat as possible while maintaining as much muscle as possible.


On stage you are judged on level of conditioning, balance in your physique, mascularity and posing.


I placed 4th in my first competition which was UKDFBA Southern on 19th August and 2nd at NPA South East Championships one week later on 25th August. Coming 2nd at NPA was a silver ticket to the finals and I had 9 weeks to bring the best on that stage. While working towards the finals I decided to enter another competition to get more practice on stage. It was right in the middle of those 9 weeks, on 30th September. I won Ladies Bodybuilding class at ICNUK in Rugby and was one of only 4 athletes that qualified for the finals in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately due to expenses associated with travel and accommodation I had to turn this opportunity down.


On 27th October I had the privilege to share the stage with the best lifetime natural athletes in the UK and I came 3rd in a very competitive class of 7 physique ladies, while getting praises on the best condition and earning a nickname 'Miss Shredder'.


1st place at ICNUK Ladies Bodybuilding

1st place at ICNUK Ladies Bodybuilding

It was hard 7 months, especially while still running a full time PT business, but all well worth the effort. To give you an idea, there is so much more than just diet and training that you need to nail daily. It's hours of cardio, posing practice, stretching, meal prep... You feel tired all the time, your brain function slows down, you're cold, your body hurts. I struggled getting out of bed some mornings, I felt sick from hunger and I cried in exhaustion.

I was doing around 18,000 steps every day and if I didn't have my step count in by the end of the day I would be walking the streets of my neighbourhood until my Fitbit started buzzing. I still had to lift heavy in the gym and not finishing the last rep wasn't an option. Every day without fail I headed to the studio after finishing work at 9pm and practised my posing for an hour. I wanted to be able to look back and say I gave it all I could have. And it's paid off big time! It's challenging both mentally and physically. But that's what makes it so rewarding in the end.


It's the greatest achievement when you win a battle with your mind and body.


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