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By Marta Chlanova - Personal Trainer, Achieve Lifestyle


I've heard this a million times: "I want to lose that bit of fat on my belly so I am doing lots of planks and crunches". This strategy is called 'spot reduction'. Only problem is that it's not actually a thing. You'll never be able to do it. Spot reduction doesn't actually exist!

The only way to lose fat in any area of your body is to be in a calorie deficit. Which means that you have to be taking in less calories than you are burning. If you are really over-weight then the dangerous fat (visceral fat) will always be the first to go. This is the fat around your organs that you can’t even really see, in fact sometimes you might be losing fat for several weeks without noticing any visible changes to the outside of your body. Once the visceral fat is reduced to safe enough levels that your body can function correctly you will then start to lose the fat you can actually see.

Women tend to have different stubborn areas to men, usually the bit around hips, bums, belly and back of the arms will be the last to go. If you have a particular area of your body like this that bothers you, then all you need to know is that if you continue to lose fat, EVENTUALLY it will go! The fundamental message is that you need to keep going!

Most people stop too soon, they underestimate the amount of work that needs to be done to get to a certain point and they certainly don’t place enough emphasis on the building of muscle to aid the whole process. Want to know why men have such an easy time losing weight compared to women? It’s because of the amount of muscle they have on their frame.

What you need to do to lose your bingo wings, your jelly belly or your thighs is the same.  Get off your yoga mat, stop working on your core and get your butt to the squat rack!


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