Aerobic Classes:

A total body workout that will help improve the health of your heart and lungs.

Box Fit - A whole body exercise circuit utilising boxing-based techniques to develop all round fitness.


Cardio Sculpt - A high energy cardio class combined with toning & fat-burning exercises.


Power Hoop - Using a weighted hoop you will trim your waist and slim your thighs!


Rebound - Burn calories on a mini trampoline with this aerobic and strength training fun workout!


Rumble - This high energy non-contact combat class is set to a backdrop of amazing beats and will definitely push you to your limits.


Strong by Zumba - Combines bodyweight, conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves that are synced to music specifically designed to match every move.


Spinning - Join the worldwide community of Spinners! Click here for more information. We also offer variations of the programme which include a short Circuit or Abs workout afterwards in our studio.


Zumba - A mixture of high and low intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning Latin Dance Fitness Party! 


Strength & Conditioning:

Increase muscular strength & endurance whilst improving your physique and performance. 

Barre - Strengthen, tone and sculpt your whole body using a class based entirely on Ballet movements.


Barre Conditioning - A blend of Ballet, Yoga & Pilates techniques to improve flexibility, core strength and body alignment. 


Body Conditioning - A total body workout using all major muscle groups to tone and strengthen your muscles.


Body Pump - Change your body shape with this low-impact resistance workout that uses barbells with light weights and very high reps.


Body Sculpt - A class designed to increase your strength whilst maintaining your cardiovascular fitness. 


Circuits - Work your way around different stations of exercises that maximise fat burning by combining high and low impact moves. Great fun for all levels.


LBT - If it's below the belt that needs some work then this is the class for you! A low-impact class suitable for all levels. 


Stability Ball - A fast class that uses the Swiss ball to work your core and improve balance and stability.


Step - A full body aerobic workout designed to increase muscle tone and fitness levels.


Mind & Body:

Designed to give you a sense of total well-being and balance.

Hatha Yoga - A branch of Yoga based on postures and breathing techniques which help to bring peace to the mind and body.


Qi Gong - Working with breath and slow gentle movements to flow energy through the body and bring the mind and body together in focus.


Pilates - Develop strong postual control, back strength and deep core conditioning. This class will leave you feeling toned and rejuvenated.


Power Yoga - A more rigorous style Yoga designed to burn calories, improve strength and increase flexibility.


Relax & Restore - This class supports the body into positions of ease using principles of Yoga combined with Meditation. 


Restorative Pilates - A matwork class ideal for anyone returning to exercise, as well as being suitable for pre and post-natal participants.


Tai Chi - Whilst reducing stress, Tai Chi and improve balance, posture and general mobility.  


Yogalates - A blend of Yoga and Pilates designed to improve flexibility and core strength. 


Vinyasa Flow - Vinyasa Yoga, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, will help increase your endurance and help reduce injury through stretching your muscles.


Gym Floor Fast Classes:

Short of time? These express 30-minute small group gym workouts are ideal for an effective whole-body blast!

Core - Work those abdominal muscles to improve your core strength, stability and endurance. 


HIIT - A fast-paced high intensity interval workout which uses only your bodyweight. 


Ladies Weights - Perfect for ladies who love to lift! Learn how to use weights safely and achieve great results. 


Raise The Bar - This class will test your strength and set you apart from your competitors!


Rig Fit - This circuits-based class will work the whole body using the Rig.


Stretch & Flex - Increase your range of movement with regular attendance to this class, also providing stretches which you can do at home to improve your flexibility.


TRX / Kettlebells - This fast class uses the TRX suspension trainer focusing on core strength as well as using weights such as Kettlebells for a whole body workout. 

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Classes can be attended by members and non-members but we recommend booking classes in advance.

Members: Classes can be booked up to 12 days in advance, depending on membership status.

Non-Members: Classes can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Payment is required at time of booking, at the pay-as-you-go rate.


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