Go Bunkers For FootGolf. Are You Game?


What is FootGolf?

Footgolf is a fusion of football and golf, it's played by kicking a football around a 9-hole course. The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole using only your feet, in the fewest number of shots possible.

It's a fun game, suitable for all ages and ideally played in groups of 4. The only equipment you'll need is a size 5 football, which can be hired from reception (£5 deposit per ball), or you can bring your own.

The Rules


  1.  Start at tee 1 and follow the course round to tee 9 (a map is located on the back of the scorecard)


  2.  Place the football on the ground behind the tee marker


  3.  Kick the football towards the flag


  4.  Let everyone in your group have their first kick and then whoever is furthest from the hole takes the next shot


  5.  Each hole has a par (either 3 or 4) and this is the number of shots it should take to get the football in the hole


  6.  Record how many shots it takes you to get the ball in the hole on your scorecard (the maximum is 10)


  7.  Follow the next tee signs to your next hole


  8.  The winner is whoever gets around the course in the least amount of shots


  9.  At the end of hole 9 make your way back to reception, following the way out signs (along the back of the 3G football pitches & out of the gate)


  10.  If you wish to play 18 holes then book your next 9 holes at reception

Great Value Prices


Prices 9 holes 18 holes
Adults £6.50 £9.90
Juniors (under 16s) £4.90 £7.50
Family of 4 (up to 3 juniors) £19.90 £29.90
Adult groups (4 adults) £23.40 £35.70
Junior groups (4 juniors) £17.80 £27.00


When We're Open


Opening Times Earliest Tee slot Latest Tee Slot
Mon - Fri 8.00am Dusk
Sat 8.00am 5.00pm
Sun 8.00am Dusk

Book Early

Footgolf is really popular so booking is advisable.

When arriving at the course please ensure you check in at reception before starting on the first tee.

And If You Need To Cancel...

Footgolf bookings can be cancelled by contacting the centre on 01784 437695 at least the day before your booking and a refund will be provided.

Any bookings cancelled on the day will not be eligible for a refund.

A Great Game for Events and Parties

Footgolf is a great idea for a staff get-together, corporate event or a party (whether it's for adults or children.)  We can create a party package to include 9-holes of Footgolf plus your chosen catering and refreshments. Contact us now at enquiries@achievelifestyle.co.uk or call 01784 437 695


More information about kids' parties can be found here.