Swimming lessons at Egham Orbit


Egham Orbit are affiliated with Swim England who are the home of aquatic sports in England and the governing body for swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo. 

The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is the national syllabus used to help teachers deliver swimming lessons. The programme takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water. This ensures swimming lessons for all ages are delivered to a consistently high standard.

Our aim of our Learn to Swim Programme is to help children to become safe swimmers, whilst gaining the tools and skills necessary to enjoy all forms of water-based activities. Swimming is a life skill and swimming lessons give you the perfect way to ensure that you and your children are confident and safe in the water. 

Swimming Lessons Available at Egham Orbit


Babies And Infants:

Infant Aquatics & Pre-School Foundation Framework - This is our entry level programme offering swimming lessons designed for children aged 6 months - 4 years. The parent/guardian takes this class with the child.



Learn to Swim (School-aged program) – Ideal for children aged 4 years levels are divided into stages, at each stages there are a range of outcomes children must achieve in order to progress to the next stage.

Aquatic Skills Framework - The lessons are focus on technique and skill development. Swim England Stage 8, 9 & 10.

Additional Aquatic Opportunities - Teens Framework (12 years +) Swim Fitness & Lifesaving



Learn to Swim: Our Adult swimming lessons are suitable for anyone aged 16 and over and of any swimming ability - from a complete beginner, to someone who would like to improve their swimming techinque.

Dates For Your Diary

The swimming lesson dates for 2019 are listed below. We give two weeks off in Spring, Summer and Winter. 


Monday 4th March - 8th April (Monday only)

Easter Break 9th - 22th April (No lessons for 2 weeks)


Tuesday 23rd April - 18th August (16 weeks)

Summer Break 19th August - 1st September (No lessons for 2 weeks)


Monday 2nd September - 22nd December (16 weeks)

Christmas Break 23rd December- 5th January 2020 (No lessons for 2 weeks)

Swimming Lesson Pricing

All fees are collected via a monthly Direct Debit only.

The payment will be collected on the 1st of the month. 

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any sibling discount.


Group Junior Lessons – 30mins 


Group Junior Lessons – 60mins


Group Adult Lessons – 30mins


Group Adult Lessons – 60mins


Home School Education – 30mins



What should my child wear in the pool?

Swimwear should be specifically designed for swimming, comfortably tight fitting to allow full freedom of limb and body movement and secondly that it must not cause any form of drag or water resistance. This will aid both safety and the learning experience. Pupils may wear a fitted rash tee in the water (t-shirts restrict movement and are discouraged from being worn as swimming attire).


Boys – jammer, square trunk/shorts, above the knee, and must be secure enough to stay put while jumping into the water (ideally not board shorts as this can affect their kicking).

Girls – A full one piece costume.



Children may wear googles (not masks with nose covered pieces), as long as the child can put the googles on themselves and maintain them. The swim teacher would like to avoid disrupting class time and pupils maybe asked to remove them if they are providing a distraction. Swim Teachers may ask children to remove them for certain skills (unless there is a medical reason for goggles to be worn).


Swimming Hats:

A coloured swimming hat will be issued when joining swim school and new hats will be issued when transferring to the next teaching stage.  Lost or broken hats can be replaced by purchasing a new hat from reception at a fee of £3.00.  Children must wear their hats to lessons. 

What to bring: Packing list for your children's swimming lessons
  • Swimming costume/trunks (for both yourself and your child if appropriate)
  • Swimming hat
  • Towel  
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Hair bands (if required)
  • £1 or padlcok for locker
  • Swim nappies for Baby lessons
  • For more advanced levels, please ensure your child brings water to drink during the swim lesson


Swimming lesson at Egham Orbit
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
  • The Swim School has a very busy pick up/collection point at the entrance to the main pool and the teaching pool. To help with health and safety, we would ask that you do not arrive too early and stand blocking the area - please arrive just a few minutes before the start of the lesson. Children should not be left alone at the pick-up and drop off points and should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please note: No outdoor shoes are allowed in the changing village area.
  • We have a viewing area for the small pool lessons by the café. For main pool lessons, parents can watch from the spectator viewing area which is behind the lifeguard chair (to gain access please go back through Reception). Parents spectating the lessons are not permitted on poolside.
  • Parents must be available in the event their child needs to use the toilet, as our teachers are unable to take them.
  • Parents are requested to be available during lessons in case of any emergency.  


Swimming lessons at Egham Orbit
Frequently Asked Questions

To read our Guide to Booking Swimming Lessons please click HERE.

Please email swimming@achievelifestyle.co.uk with the following required information: 

  • Full name and contact details (email / telephone / address)
  • Full name and age of child or specific adult lesson
  • Details of the current swim level of the participant if they are transferring from another swim school 

A Direct Debit of £27 a month (Stages 1-8) £33.80 (Stages 9 and above) will be taken on the 1st of each month. Any lessons that take place before the first Direct Debit payment must be paid for separately (using Cash or Card).

You will receive an automatic confirmation email once you are on the system with all of the Direct Debit & Pro Rata payment details.

NB: All required forms must be completed and returned before we can book your child onto the course.

The minimum period of contract is 3 full monthly payments (essentially a term of swimming lessons).

Swimming lessons will continue by Direct Debit on a monthly basis, unless a written notice of termination is received.  

We require a minimum of 1 month's notice to cancel a Direct Debit. This would be in addition to the 3 month minimum contract period. 

Lessons start from aged 6 months for our Babies and Infant programme. For our Learn to Swim programme your child must be aged 4 and in Reception to begin swimming lessons.

The lessons run for 46 weeks per year, as we believe that children learn through routine and consistency therefore we do not close on every school holiday.

There will be no swimming lessons for 2 weeks at Easter, Summer & Christmas. Intensive crash courses will be running during these weeks and taster workshops.

Please see our Matrix HERE to see equivalent stages.

To assist in selecting the right level within the Swim England Stages, please indicate the most recent award received by the pupil when completing the booking form.

All children will be reviewed on the first day of lessons to confirm their placement in the appropriate stage.

Our lessons are 30 minutes, of which a minimum of 25 minutes will be water-based activities (including the taking of registers and parent handover at the drop off and pick up point).

For Stage 9 and above, the lessons are 60 minutes.

Achieve Lifestyle follows strict guidelines as laid down by Swim England in relation to teacher to pupil ratios.

At Achieve Lifestyle we aim to keep all of our classes to lower than this.


Adult / Child lessons 1:12 (that is 12 pairs; adult and baby to teacher)

Small Pool 1:6

Main Pool 1:8


*In certain circumstances it may be possible in the main pool to have more than 10 pupils in a class, for example swimmers in a higher Stage or in the small pool where an assistant teacher is present.

Yes, you are invited and encouraged to observe your children's swimming lessons. Parents spectating the lessons are not permitted on poolside.

We have a viewing area for the small pool lessons by the café with drinks and refreshments available to purchase. For main pool lessons parents can watch from the spectator viewing area.

This all depends on what stage your child is at.  In our lower stages, there will be a teacher in the water. 

However, as swimmers progress to our higher stages, our teachers tend to teach on poolside – unless they are required to be in the water.  

Our pools are kept at a temperature ranging from 28 – 29 degrees Celsius for the main pool and 30-31 degrees Celsius for the small pool.

On your first lesson please check in at Reception to access changing and bring a £1 coin for the locker.

No outdoor shoes are to be worn after changing. 

Please meet the swimming teacher at the pick-up and drop off point by the entrances to poolside.

It is always a good idea to use the facilities before the lessons starts to avoid this happening!

But should it be urgent,  then we would need parents/guardians to be on hand to support their child as swimming teachers are not going to be able to complete this task.

If holidays are planned over lesson time we do not refund or offer a catch up lessons unfortunately. It is advised to plan and consider this before booking.

Yes, they will receive a silicone swimming hat. These hats are used to recognise which level they are in and must be worn during lessons.

Each child will be given one per stage they are in, therefore if they move up they get a new colour as a reward (at no cost).

As these come at a considerable cost to Achieve Lifestyle, a £3 fee will be charged for those who lose their hat and require a replacement. 

Our team of swimming teachers hold nationally accredited Swim England or Swimming Teachers Association Certificates, along with current first aid and DBS checks. All teachers that teach infant or disability lessons hold specialised qualifications.

Yes, we use floatation aids in our lessons for all stages, ages and abilities, whether they are intended for starter swimmers to strengthen their skills and build their confidence in the water, or for more established swimmers who are working to perfect their technique.

The swim teacher should have a good idea of whether or not a pupil is signed up for the appropriate level after the first day. If you have any questions regarding level placement, please speak to the swim team. If a swim teacher feels a pupil is in the wrong level, the pupil may be transferred to the appropriate level, space permitting.

If you are encouraging your child to practise at home whilst in the bath, reinforce skills learnt within the existing lessons you are attending. Simple tasks such as making bath time fun or a family swim at the weekend letting your independent swimmer explore the water are great activities to assist their aquatic development. Please don’t hesitate to ask our aquatic team for take home tips that may assist your child’s swimming progress. Remember to always supervise and be within arms’ reach for assistance.

It’s never too late to learn how to swim or improve or build water confidence.

Adult Swimming Lessons are available for over 16s of varying ability from non-swimmers and complete beginners to advanced swimmers who are looking to improve their technique.

There is a possibility that your child could lose their space on the swimming lesson programme if you cancel your direct debit for swimming lessons over the summer, as unfortunately, we are unable to hold a space on our courses. 

No, photography isn’t allowed during swimming lessons. There is no guarantee of other children not appearing in your photograph, and therefore we cannot allow the use of any photographic equipment in or around the pool hall during this time.

In the event that you are unable to attend a lesson, we are unable to offer you a make up lesson unfortunately. 

In the case of a serious illness or operation a doctor’s note must be provided - each case will be considered individually.

In the unlikely event of the pool not being available for us to use due to a technical difficulties or health and safety issues, we would offer you credit to be used against a future booking.

In the event of a swimming teacher being absent for a lesson, Egham Orbit are within their rights to change the swimming teacher to make sure that your lesson is covered.

In the event we are unable to provide a replacement teacher, we will credit the lesson to you. We will inform you as soon as possible of the change.

As a courtesy to all participants, students who arrive later than 15 minutes after the lesson starts will be unable to join the class. Pupils will need to warm up to avoid injury. 

When your child achieves an award their swimming teacher will issue a “certificate & awards form”.  Badges and certificates can then be purchased at reception (this is not compulsory). Awards are not included in the course fee.

If your child is ready to move up to the next stage, the swimming teacher will hand them a “Student Transfer Form” which you will then hand in to Reception. Your child will then be added to the movement list and you will be contacted by the centre regarding their progression onto the next stage. 

For any further swimming lesson enquiries please call Egham Orbit Reception on 01784 333111 or email swimming@achievelifestyle.co.uk.