Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Important information for customers

Cancellation Policy – Update from 15th April 2019


Following customer feedback and increased demand for classes and activities, we have reviewed our current cancellation policy and are implementing some improvements in order to accommodate as many participants in our classes and activities as possible. Please find below the terms and conditions of our new group exercise cancellations policy.


Cancellation Period:

1 hour before a class / activity.

This reduction provides our customers with more opportunity to cancel their booking, but will still allow others to take any available new space. A late cancellation would be anytime less than 1 hour before the start time.




Late Cancellations - A strike system will operate per late cancellation. (If you cancel more than 1 hour before the class/activity starts then this would not incur a strike).

If a member has 2 strikes within a 14 day period, this will result in a 7 day booking freeze, so no advance booking facility would be available for the next 7 days.

If no further strikes take place within the following 14 days from the first strike then the strike is removed from the account.


If you receive a 7 day booking Freeze:

You are unable to book in advance for 7 days, however you can still book on the day.

If you fail to cancel or fail to show up, the 7 day freeze will continue for a further 7 day period.



A charge of £5.50 will be applied to the account for every no-show. 

You will also receive a strike (or a 7 day booking freeze will apply if this is the second strike in a 14 day period)


Pay As You Go Customers:


No-show or late cancellation:

Will result in the fee being forfeited for that session. You will also receive a strike.

If you have 2 strikes within a 14 day period you will also will incur a 7 day booking freeze.

If a pay-as-you-go customer cancels with at least 1 hours' notice they can be refunded/credited the full amount by visiting Reception.


Waiting Lists:

If a space becomes available,  an email will be sent to everyone on the waiting list with a link to book that space.

The first to respond can secure the available space, irrespective of your place on the waiting list.

If the link is clicked and it says the space is unavailable then this is due to the space already being filled.

If additional spaces become available then further automated emails will be sent as soon as the space becomes free (again on a first come first served basis). 

Please Note:

  • Booking for classes is advisable. 
  • To guarantee your space in the class you must collect your class ticket at least five minutes before the advertised class start time (At Reception or from the kiosk). Failure to do so could result in your space being given to someone on the waiting list.
  • Charges can be paid over the phone or at the centre.
  • Achieve Lifestyle can waive fees for sudden short notice cancellations when related to extreme circumstances, but this will be at company discretion.

It is hoped that the new policy will ensure that as many customers as possible get the opportunity to experience the various classes and facilities on offer at Achieve Lifestyle.

We will continue to monitor the system and always listen to our customer feedback. If you have any feedback please let us know here.


Thank you.