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My Transformation Story So Far - Trained By Marta 

18th December 2018





I started to train with Marta in early 2018, having taken up exercise for the first time just 18 months before. I had lost all the weight I needed to by doing a mix of fast incline walking and circuit classes. But I looked skinny and lacked shape. I then struggled to put on muscle in a meaningful way - I followed a weight training regime from a book and thought my nutrition was correct. But it wasn’t working, and as I upped the weights it was clear my technique was poor and causing niggles.


Marta began by stripping back the weights, simplifying the programme and focussing on technique. Initially a tough pill to swallow, but it proved to be a solid platform for progress. She brought a fresh outlook on my nutrition, identifying a shortfall of calories and protein. The weights increased, although this time the form and technique worked the correct muscles and brought results. My posture improved out of sight and I have bulked out in the right places and feel so much better. My legs have changed shape, with defined quads and larger hamstrings. I’m able to engage and use my glutes in exercises now, whereas before I had clearly not been using them as they never hurt! I also no longer suffer from back ache sitting at work or when standing for long periods.


Marta is utterly precise on technique and using her observational skills she devises a tailored programme for the individual (for example, moving me off pull-downs and on to an alternative in order to improve lat strength and engagement). She regularly reviews progress and makes changes where necessary. She is organised and focused on the client. And there is no greater motivation than a PT that actually practices what they preach!



You can follow Marta on Instagram here: or head over to her Facebook page for educational and inspirational content to help you on your fitness journey. 


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